13 – 18 DECEMBER 2023
Main Theme: Child Neurology



Dear members of the Turkish Society of Neurology,

I am very pleased to invite you, my colleagues, to the 59th National Neurology Congress, which will be held at Antalya Kaya Palazzo Hotel between 13-18 December 2023 by the Turkish Society of Neurology. It will be both enjoyable and productive to be together with our friends at our national congress, which is the academic summit of the science of neurology in our country in the centennial year of our republic, our apple of the eye.

Our National Congress, which is the most holistic and inclusive event of postgraduate neurology education, has always been the work of all our members, not just the Turkish Neurology Association board of directors or Scientific working groups. As a matter of fact, we welcome feedback, suggestions and contributions from each of our members without exception. The development of neurology in the country is going to be the result of our cooperation and unified effort.

This year, the main theme of the National Neurology congress is "Child and Adolescent Neurology". Regardless of the age at which neurological diseases are seen, it is the specific subject of neurology and the direct work of the neurologist. It is crystal clear that scientific and technological developments already are, and will be, a cure for many patients suffering from many previously incurable diseases. This not only makes treatment possible and improves quality of life, but also allows these patients to live much longer. Undoubtedly, expanding scientific and practical areas always require timely updating as the progress is multidimensional and always rapid. This year, the national congress is undoubtedly determined to provide this update with definite success.

This year, we want to be able to organize the richest scientifically and the most unifying socially of our national congresses, which are getting better each time. The program will offer a variety of scientific and social activities and will allow friends to embrace each other.

We will have colleagues from abroad who will participate in our congress, which is accredited by TTB and EAN. We will be together with courses, workshops, conferences and treatment nights and many recreational/entertainment programs. The congress will bring scientific and experience sharing to the highest level. We will also hold the yearly Neurology Board Exam and Turkish Neurology Society General Assembly (Societal boards will therein be elected for the next 3 years) at our congress.

The National Neurology Congress undoubtedly offers the most valid chair to share our individual experiences and scientific studies. This year, we will endeavor to create a fundamental discussion/sharing environment with the largest number of papers. At the end of the congress, we wish you to return with new ideas, research topics and cooperation plans for multi-centre studies.

Long live the Republic, Long live Neurology.

Mehmet Akif Topçuoğlu
President, Turkish Neurological Society


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